The Delhi segment of Najafgarh Road is set to undergo significant expansion, with plans to widen it to a six-lane road. The land acquisition process for this project is estimated to cost around ₹53 crore, involving the acquisition of approximately 25 acres of land.


🚧 Key Developments

  • Land Acquisition Cost: The project will require an estimated ₹53 crore for land acquisition.
  • Land Area: Around 25 acres of land will be acquired to facilitate the expansion.


📝 Official Orders

Delhi’s Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar has issued orders to the District Magistrate of South-West Delhi to initiate the land acquisition process. This move marks a crucial step towards the development of the Najafgarh Road.



🌟 Importance of the Road

  • Najafgarh Road: Also known as the Upper Dwarka Expressway, this road is a vital link.
  • Route Details: The road starts from Sector 99A and extends to the main road of Sectors 108-109.


🚦 Impact on Traffic

The expansion of Najafgarh Road into a six-lane highway is expected to significantly improve traffic flow and reduce congestion in the region, benefiting daily commuters and easing transportation in this bustling area.

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