In a significant transformation, the front yard facing the Chaumukha Gate within the Kuth Minar complex has been developed into a lush garden, replacing what was once an unsightly dumpsite. This rejuvenation was executed by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), dramatically enhancing the visual appeal of the historic site.


Project Highlights:

  • Location of Revamp: The project focused on the area in front of Chaumukha Gate in the Kuth Minar complex, which previously hosted a two-acre dumpsite filled with rubble and waste.


  • Transformation Details:
    • Pre-project Condition: The area was cluttered with stone debris, construction waste, and overgrown weeds, remnants of its past use for stone cutting.
    • Post-project Outcome: The unsightly dump has been turned into a vibrant garden, now home to 850 varieties of plants including Champa, Pomegranate, Hamelia, and Lemon, among others.


  • Environmental Impact:
    • Waste Removal: Approximately 250 truckloads of debris were cleared over two months to make way for the garden.
    • Flora Variety: The newly established garden features a diverse range of plants, significantly improving the biodiversity of the area.


  • Cultural and Tourist Enhancement:
    • Accessibility Improvements: The beautification has made the Chaumukha Gate more accessible, previously hindered by the dumpsite, thus facilitating smoother tourist movement.
    • Historical Drainage System: There is a canal under the Chaumukha Gate, dating back to the Mughal era, which plays a critical role during the monsoon by draining rainwater from the Kuth area.


Community and Tourist Reception:

The transformation has not only beautified the precinct but has also made it a new point of interest for tourists visiting Kuth Minar. The area is now a testament to effective urban ecological restoration and cultural preservation, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Officials from ASI have noted a significant increase in tourist traffic to the Chaumukha Gate, with visitors now able to explore this area freely.

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