New Delhi witnessed a pleasant climate as the city experienced light drizzling in some areas on Wednesday night, maintaining the daytime maximum temperatures without an increase.

The weather, influenced by strong northwesterly winds on Monday, kept the maximum temperature below the average, adding a chill to the capital’s air.

Steady Climate with Minimal Rainfall:

March saw regular occurrences of Western Disturbances, which resulted in faster wind speeds and an improvement in air quality. However, the rainfall remained 75% below the norm for the month.

The usual rainfall at Delhi’s Safdarjung weather station is around 17.4 millimeters, but this March, it recorded only 4.3 millimeters, indicating a significant decrease similar to the 100% shortfall in January.

Temperature Trends and Forecasts:

The cool air from the northwestern direction has brought the chill from the mountains to the city. Safdarjung weather station noted a maximum temperature of 31.6 degrees Celsius on Monday, with a minimum of 18.4 degrees Celsius, aligning with the normal temperatures for this time of the year. Humidity levels fluctuated between 90 to 30 percent.

Meteorological predictions indicate that the wind speed might continue to range from 30 to 40 kilometers per hour on Tuesday, contributing to the pleasant weather conditions.

Air Quality Index (AQI) Readings:

According to the Central Pollution Control Board, Delhi’s average Air Quality Index (AQI) stood at 133 points, forecasting cleaner air in the upcoming days.

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