The Delhi-Dehradun Expressway, a much-anticipated project, is nearing the completion of its first phase, marking a significant milestone in enhancing connectivity between Delhi and Dehradun. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has been at the forefront of this development, aiming to revolutionize the way people travel between these two cities.

Project Update and Milestones

The first phase of the expressway stretches approximately 31 kilometers from Akshardham in Delhi to Khekra in Bagpat, divided into two packages. With 90% of the work already completed, the NHAI has set a target to finish this phase by the end of May.

However, the expressway is expected to be opened for traffic by mid-June, following a trial run and subsequent approval from the ministry.

Completion of the first phase is a boon for residents of East Delhi, particularly facilitating easier access from Akshardham to Loni in Ghaziabad and Khekra in Bagpat.

Moreover, the NHAI has initiated the process of setting toll rates, signifying the project’s transition into operational readiness.

Impact on Traffic and Connectivity

The opening of the first phase will directly connect the Delhi-Meerut and Eastern Peripheral Expressways, starting from Akshardham and extending to Khekra. This connection is anticipated to significantly reduce the pressure on existing routes, particularly the Delhi-Meerut Expressway.

Initially, the reduction in vehicle numbers might not be substantial, but by November, the full operation of the expressway is expected to decrease the vehicle load by approximately 30,000 Passenger Car Units (PCUs).

The detailed progress of the work is impressive, with the Akshardham-Loni border stretch (15.50 kilometers) and Loni border-Khekra stretch (16.60 kilometers) achieving 97% and 90% completion, respectively. This rapid development underscores the commitment to enhancing regional connectivity and reducing traffic congestion.

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