In a recent surge of law enforcement on Delhi’s streets, the Delhi Police has ramped up its crackdown on vehicles sporting tinted glasses, also known as black films, in March. This move is a part of a special campaign aimed at enhancing road safety and curbing criminal activities facilitated by the anonymity provided by tinted vehicle windows.

🚔 Significant Increase in Challans 🚔

  • 📈 Unprecedented Spike: According to traffic police data, the number of challans issued in March this year has seen a dramatic increase — seven times higher than in 2022 and more than double compared to the same period in 2023.


  • 🛑 Zero Tolerance: This indicates a zero-tolerance approach towards vehicles violating the tinted glass regulations, highlighting the police’s commitment to strict enforcement.


🕵️ Why the Crackdown? 🕵️

  • 🚨 Aiding Criminal Activities: The use of tinted glasses in vehicles has often been linked to criminal incidents. The obscured visibility into the vehicle allows offenders to operate under the radar, posing a significant challenge to law enforcement and public safety.


  • 🔍 Ensuring Transparency: By eliminating tinted windows from vehicles, authorities aim to deter criminal activities and ensure a safer environment for the city’s residents.


In Summary

  • 👮‍♂️ Delhi Police Steps Up: With a focused campaign in March, Delhi Police has intensified actions against vehicles with tinted windows.
  • 📊 Record Number of Challans: The significant rise in the issuance of challans underscores the stringent measures being adopted.


  • 🚓 Safety Over Privacy: The crackdown on tinted glasses is driven by the imperative to curb the misuse of such vehicles in criminal activities.


The Delhi Police’s concerted efforts to clamp down on vehicles with tinted glasses reflect a broader strategy to enhance road safety and prevent crimes. As the campaign continues to gain momentum, vehicle owners are urged to comply with the regulations, contributing to a safer and more transparent urban mobility landscape.

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