The proposed high-speed rail project, commonly referred to as the Bullet Train, between Delhi and Amritsar has confirmed a stop in Sonipat. Following the feasibility report, studies on traffic, social, and environmental impacts have commenced. A detailed project report will be prepared and submitted to the central government.


Key Developments and Plans

  • The Haryana government has directed officials to prioritize approvals for the high-speed rail project, along with other major projects like Rapid Rail and Orbital Rail Corridor.
  • Land acquisition is being coordinated with local farmers to ensure timely progress.
  • Once operational, the project will not only benefit Sonipat but also Panipat, Karnal, and Ambala districts.


Project Highlights

  • The Delhi-Amritsar route will feature 10 stations.
  • It will traverse through 136 villages across 6 districts.
  • In Haryana, the route covers 175 kilometers.
  • The project is estimated to cost around 61,000 crore rupees.
  • Land acquisition in Sonipat will be approximately 77.33 hectares.
  • The total length of the route is 475 kilometers.


  • The track construction allows for a maximum speed of 350 km/h and an operational speed of 320 km/h.
  • The average speed of trains will be around 250 km/h.
  • An elevated track will ensure no animal or unauthorized human access.
  • Stations are proposed in Delhi, Sonipat, Panipat, Karnal, Ambala, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Beas, and Amritsar.
  • All trains will be equipped with active suspension systems to reduce vibrations and ensure a smooth ride.


What’s Special About the Train?

  • The train will feature state-of-the-art stations similar to airports.
  • Overhead luggage boxes like airplanes.
  • Comfortable and luxurious seating.
  • Experience similar to Japan’s Bullet Train.
  • LCD passenger information displays.
  • Emergency information, written news, door opening alerts.
  • Wireless intercom for communication with the driver available in all passenger cabins and toilets.


Impact on Sonipat and Surrounding Areas

  • Sonipat is planned to be developed like Gurugram, Faridabad, and Noida.
  • The rail coach factory, Maruti, rapid and orbital rail corridors, and the Bullet Train will accelerate Sonipat’s development.
  • A 43-kilometer elevated railway track will pass through 34 villages, minimizing the need for extensive land acquisition.

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