Number Plate: The number of four wheelers in the country is increasing day by day. Many people buy cars and give them to cab companies. At the same time, many use the car for their personal work. Now these cars are identified by number plates.

You must have noticed that many vehicles have black, white, blue, yellow, etc. colored number plates. If you also want to know about it, then this article is for you only. So let’s know the type of number plate.

Black Number Plate

These vehicles are registered as commercial vehicles. However, a commercial vehicle driving license is not required to drive a car with a black number plate. These number plates are commonly found on rental vehicles and luxury hotel transportation vehicles.

White and Red Number Plate

When a white-colored number plate is given to a vehicle, it means that the vehicle will be used for private use only. On the other hand, whenever you see a red-colored number plate on the roads, then understand that this vehicle has been bought recently. Red-colored number plate means that this vehicle has got only a temporary number plate.

Green Number Plate

When you see the green number plate, then understand that this vehicle is an electric vehicle. Green-colored license plates are mandatory on all electric vehicles registered in India.


Yellow Number Plate

Vehicles with yellow number plates are used only for auto rickshaws, taxis, trucks, and buses. This means that the yellow number plate is used for any commercial use.

Blue Number Plate

Vehicles reserved for foreign diplomats have blue number plates with white lettering. The blue-colored number plates have the letters CC (Consular Corps), UN (United Nations), DC (Diplomatic Corps), etc. Also, there is no state code on these number plates. Instead, display the country code of those diplomats.

News Summary:
★The number of four wheelers in the country is increasing, leading to more cars being identified by number plates.
★Different colored number plates indicate the purpose or type of vehicle.
★Black number plates are used for commercial vehicles, but no commercial driving license is required.
★White number plates indicate private use, while red number plates indicate temporary registration.
★Green number plates are mandatory for electric vehicles, and yellow plates are used for commercial vehicles.
★Blue number plates are reserved for foreign diplomats and display their country code.

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