If you must go to Jaipur from Delhi, Gurgaon or Noida, now you have two options. You can take the newly built Delhi-Mumbai Expressway to Jaipur in your car. Apart from this, you can also reach Jaipur from Delhi-Jaipur Highway. The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is open for traffic only till Dausa. On February 12, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated this first phase of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. You can drive your car at 120 kilometers per hour on this 8-lane expressway.

The traffic pressure on the Delhi-Jaipur highway is very high. This is the main road connecting Delhi NCR with the capital of Rajasthan. Ever since the construction of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, many people have been asking which of the two is the right way to reach Jaipur. However, no straight answer can be given to this question. The answer depends on the security, travel time, toll tax and facilities available in the journey. In some cases, where the expressway is twenty one, then in some, the highway becomes heavy.

Expressway will save time.
If you want to reach Jaipur quickly from Delhi or Gurgaon, you should go by Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. Suppose you have left Gurgaon; you will reach the expressway towards Sohna in about 20 minutes. Due to the excellent road, high-speed limit, no toll gates and 4 lanes, you will reach Jaipur soon. While it will take you at least 5 hours from the highway, you will reach Jaipur in 3 hours from the expressway.

More Safer
Travelling on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is much safer. Netting has been installed on both sides of the expressway so that animals cannot enter the road. Entry on the expressway can be done from the interchange only. That’s why there is no danger of any means appearing on it suddenly from anywhere. The road of the expressway has been made with new technology. There is no pothole anywhere. At the same time, there is more danger in driving on the Delhi-Jaipur highway. Here people always walk from the wrong side due to illegal cuts at many places; any person or vehicle can come on the road from anywhere at any time.

The pocket will be less loose on the highway.
Travel is easier by expressway, but at the same time, it is also expensive. A toll of Rs 550 is charged on reaching Jaipur on the expressway, whereas a toll tax of Rs 375 has to be paid for travelling from Delhi Jaipur Highway. It takes 80 rupees from Gurugram to Hilalpur on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. 395 has to be paid for Bhandarej from Hilalpur. From Bhandarej to Rajadhok, a the car driver must pay toll tax of Rs 75.

There are three main 3 toll plazas on Jaipur-Delhi. At Gurugram toll, the car driver has to pay Rs 80, while the Shahjahanpur toll, costs Rs 155. Rs 75 is the toll charge at Manoharpur toll plaza. Apart from this, if you leave from Daulatpura, then it costs 65 rupees more. This way, a total of Rs 375 will have to be paid as toll tax.

Enjoying food and drink on the highway
If you are a foodie, going from Delhi to Jaipur via the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway will only lead to disappointment. Rest areas have been made on the expressway, where public facilities like hotels, restaurants, and washrooms have been provided. At present, these facilities are not yet fully developed. The hotels built on the expressway are overcrowded,, with fewer food and drink options.

Hotels and restaurants have come up at various places on the Jaipur-Delhi highway. In these, you can enjoy many types of Rajasthani and Haryanvi dishes. At the same time, you do not have to wait to drink tea or eating something because a hotel, restaurant or dhaba comes at a short distance on the highway.