DelhiDesk China’s foreign minister, Qin Gang, has expressed concern about the state of relations between China and the US, calling it a “top priority” to stabilise ties between the two nations. Qin made the comments during a meeting with US ambassador Nicholas Burns, one of the highest level meetings between the two nations since February when Washington shot down an alleged Chinese spy balloon over the US. Qin urged the US to “meet China halfway” and to “reflect deeply” to improve relations. The State Department’s spokesman, Vedant Patel, said that Burns and Qin discussed areas of potential cooperation.

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– China’s foreign minister Qin Gang says US actions have put relations between the two countries on “cold ice”
– Stabilizing ties between China and the US is a top priority
– The comments were made during a meeting between Qin Gang and US ambassador Nicholas Burns in Beijing
– US actions have undermined the positive momentum following Xi Jinping’s meeting with Joe Biden in November 2022
– Qin urges the US to reflect deeply and meet China halfway to push bilateral relations out of their current predicament
– State Department spokesman Vedant Patel says Burns spoke to Qin about areas where the two countries can cooperate, such as addressing the climate crisis and improving global health
– Maintaining open lines of communication with China is a key tenet of US approach to the bilateral relationship.

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