In an unusual turn of events that has perplexed the residents of Basni, Badaun, a local pharmaceutical businessman, Ashish Pathak, encountered a puzzling scenario right at his doorstep.

His car, parked securely at his home, seemingly ventured on a journey of its own, if the Fastag toll deduction message was anything to go by. This blog delves into the peculiar incident, unraveling the mystifying experience of an unexpected toll charge from a highway he never traversed.

The Unforeseen Toll Notification

On a seemingly ordinary night, the tranquility of Pathak’s residence was disrupted by an unexpected SMS notification. It was a Fastag toll deduction alert for a toll plaza located on the Pratapgarh-Prayagraj NH, a route he affirmed never having taken, especially not on the cited date – March 7.

The car was right there, parked at his residence, yet the toll system registered it miles away, crossing a toll gate.

Concerns Over Vehicle Number Misuse

The incident triggered immediate concerns regarding the potential misuse of his vehicle’s registration number. It raised alarms about the security of the Fastag system and the susceptibility of vehicle owners to such bewildering charges.

The fact that the car was stationary and nowhere near the mentioned toll plaza added layers of mystery and apprehension regarding data security and system reliability.

Immediate Action and Police Complaint

Taking swift action, Pathak approached the Baragaon police station, lodging a complaint to report the oddity and express his fears of his vehicle’s number being misappropriated.

The incident not only stirred concerns for Pathak but also for the community, highlighting a peculiar loophole or system glitch that could have unforeseen implications for other vehicle owners.

Key Highlights of the Incident:

  • Unexplained Toll Deduction: Pathak’s car was at home, yet a toll deduction message from the Pratapgarh-Prayagraj highway was received.
  • Data Security Concerns: The incident brings to light potential vulnerabilities in the Fastag system, where errors or misuse could lead to unwarranted deductions.


  • Prompt Response: The immediate lodging of the complaint shows the promptness in addressing such anomalies, crucial for rectifying system errors or preventing misuse.
  • Community Alertness: Such incidents serve as a wake-up call for vehicle owners to regularly check their Fastag accounts and be alert to any unauthorized transactions.

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