DelhiDesk As people with black money worry about the validity of the Rs 2000 note, creative businessmen are using it to increase their business. A Delhi-based businessman has put up a board offering goods worth Rs 2100 for every purchase made using a Rs 2000 note. The offer has gone viral, and many have commented that people in Delhi are smarter than the Reserve Bank of India. Petrol pumps are also witnessing an increase in the use of Rs 2000 notes, and many pump owners do not have enough cash to retail them. The All India Petroleum Dealers Association has reported that online payments, which accounted for 40% of the total, have come down to just 10%, with payments made using Rs 2000 notes becoming more common. Zomato has reported that it is receiving 70% of its payments on cash-on-delivery orders in the form of Rs 2000 notes.

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Here is the news bullets sorted by team.

– People with black money are worried about the Rs 2000 note
– Creative businessmen are using the note to increase business
– A Delhi businessman is offering goods worth Rs 2100 for purchases made with Rs 2000 note
– Purchase of fuel has increased with the note of 2000 rupees at most petrol pumps
– Zomato is receiving 70% of payments on cash on delivery orders through 2000 rupee notes
– Some temples are accepting offerings in 2000 rupee notes
– Banks may charge for changing Rs 2000 notes
– The Indian rupee is the dollar of South Asia
– The stock market has been affected by the 2000 rupee note ban
– Vertical currency notes are running in many countries, with one receiving the Best Note of the Year award.

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