BSNL, known for its affordable telecom solutions, is offering a 35-day plan that stands out for its cost-effectiveness and utility, especially for those looking to maintain their SIM activity without denting their wallets.

Priced at just ₹107, this plan breaks down to an approximate daily cost of ₹4, making it an ideal pick for BSNL users on the lookout for economical options.


Key Features of the ₹107 BSNL Plan:

  • Validity: 35 days, providing a bit more than a month’s coverage.
  • Data: Comes with 3GB of data, after which the speed drops to 40kbps, ensuring continued internet access albeit at lower speeds.
  • Voice Calls: Offers 200 minutes of free voice calls, catering to basic calling needs.
  • BSNL Tunes: Subscription to BSNL tunes for the duration of the plan, adding a little extra to the overall package.


This plan is particularly suited for individuals who seek to keep their SIM card active at a minimal cost. It addresses the basic needs of connectivity without the frills of extensive data or call time, which can be a strategic choice for users with specific, limited requirements or those who use their BSNL number as a secondary option.


Who Can Benefit?

  • Economical Users: Those who prioritize savings and minimal expenditure on their mobile plans.
  • Backup SIM Users: Individuals who maintain a BSNL SIM as a secondary option alongside their primary number.
  • Low Data Consumers: Users who require internet access but consume little data.


In essence, BSNL’s ₹107 recharge plan exemplifies the company’s commitment to providing accessible and budget-friendly telecommunications solutions.

It’s an attractive proposition for maintaining connectivity without committing to higher-cost plans, ensuring that even the most budget-conscious users can find value in staying connected with BSNL

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