The Indian automotive market holds a special place for full-size SUVs, with Toyota Fortuner often being the first name that comes to mind due to its dominant presence.

However, the discussion is incomplete without mentioning the Ford Endeavour, which has been a significant contender in this segment, sharing a long-standing rivalry with the Fortuner.

With Ford’s potential re-entry into the Indian market, the buzz around the Ford Endeavour, possibly making a comeback in 2024, has ignited excitement among SUV enthusiasts.

Ford Endeavour’s Legacy and Potential Return

Since its launch in 2003, the Ford Endeavour has stood as a robust rival to the Toyota Fortuner, creating a niche of loyal followers.

Despite Ford ceasing its operations in India in 2021, the recent buzz suggests that the company might reintroduce the Endeavour, possibly in its new avatar, the Ford Everest, as seen in neighboring markets like Nepal.

The New Avatar: Ford Everest

Internationally, the SUV is known as the Ford Everest, and it recently made its debut in Nepal. This model is essentially the Ford Endeavour known to the Indian market, hinting at a probable launch in India under the familiar Endeavour nameplate.

The next-generation model promises a host of upgrades, enhancing its appeal with a more refined, premium, and robust design, aligning with consumer preferences for a high-end SUV experience.

Key Features to Anticipate

The new Endeavour is expected to be a fully-loaded variant, mirroring its global counterpart. It’s likely to feature an updated design, advanced technology, and improved interiors, incorporating a new digital screen, a portrait touchscreen infotainment system, and premium manufacturing materials. Potential additions include ventilated seats, a panoramic sunroof, power seats, and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

Given its underpinning truck platform, similar to the Fortuner, the new Endeavour maintains its ruggedness. Speculations suggest it might come equipped with a large diesel V6 engine or an option for a biturbo diesel engine, possibly with a 2WD variant and a standard 10-speed automatic transmission.

Market Positioning and Pricing

Should the new Endeavour be imported, it would be a niche offering, sold in limited numbers, potentially priced parallelly with the Fortuner. With the rising popularity of premium SUVs, the Endeavour is likely to attract a substantial customer base. Another possibility is assembling the SUV in India, which could take time considering Ford’s previous announcements regarding importing select models to the Indian market. Hence, the new Endeavour might be on the pricier side, but it could well be worth the wait for enthusiasts and loyalists.

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