Allegations of taking goods from the school by paying money in the shop, pressure to take the entire package of books and stationery together, complaint given to the police

My city reporter

Greater Noida. Parents have accused Shri Ram Global School located in Greater Noida West of selling books from a fixed shop only. Parents say that the shopkeeper was asking for money and the goods had to be taken from the school. When the parents protested, he started threatening. NCR Parents Association has complained about this matter in Bisrakh police station.

Parents say that even after the notice of District School Inspector Dr. Dharamveer Singh, private schools are pressurizing them to buy books and uniforms from a fixed shop. It is alleged that a shop has been opened in the neighborhood of Shri Ram Global School. A list has been given to buy books, stationery and other items from him. The shopkeeper is demanding money for the entire book and stationery. The shopkeeper said that there are instructions from the school management that full money will have to be paid and the goods will be received from the school. The parents allege that even after complaining, the school management did not listen to anything. The parents called the police on the misbehavior of the shopkeeper. Representatives and office bearers of NCR Parents Association have made a written complaint at Bisrakh police station. Association’s founder Sukhpal Singh Toor said that attempts were made to contact the school management and district school inspector from the post, but no success was found.

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