In a significant move, the Pension Bahali Sangharsh Samiti (PBSS) has decided to organize protest marches across all districts of Haryana from July 1 to August 10, demanding the restoration of the old pension scheme.

Additionally, a major rally is planned in Panchkula on September 1, with a threat to gherao the Chief Minister’s residence if their demands are not met.

Key Decisions from the PBSS State Executive Meeting 🏛️

The state executive committee of the Pension Bahali Sangharsh Samiti held a crucial meeting at Aggarsain Dharamshala, Jakhauli Adda, Kaithal. State President Vijender Dhariwal was the key participant, and the meeting was conducted by the General Secretary, Rishi Nain. The committee resolved to intensify their struggle against the government for the restoration of the old pension scheme.

  • Protest Schedule: Protest marches across all districts from July 1 to August 10.
  • Major Rally: Planned for September 1 in Panchkula, with a potential gherao of the Chief Minister’s residence in Chandigarh.

Voices from the Meeting 🎤

Vijender Dhariwal, the state president, emphasized the relentless efforts of every state employee towards the restoration of the old pension. He criticized the government for ignoring the constitutional rights of the employees and announced the protest plan. Dhariwal also highlighted the disparity between the pension benefits enjoyed by legislators and those denied to long-serving employees.

Rishi Nain, the state general secretary, reiterated the commitment of every state employee to this cause. He recalled the February 19, 2024 incident where employees were met with police action while presenting their demands to the then-Chief Minister Manohar Lal.

A Call for Government Action 🚨

The committee leaders stressed that the government must either reinstate the old pension scheme or be prepared to face the consequences in the upcoming assembly elections. They warned of a strong voter movement under the banner of “Vote for OPS” if their demands are not met.

The Reality of Pension Disparities ⚖️

Dhariwal pointed out the unfair pension system where legislators and MPs become entitled to pensions immediately upon taking office, whereas employees, even after 30-35 years of service, are denied such benefits. He emphasized the plight of employees from humble backgrounds who rely on pension for their old age security.

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