DelhiDesk A Bhutanese journalist has written an article stating that India does not realise that the Indian Rupee acts like a dollar for South Asian countries. Tenzing Lamsang, a newspaper editor and president of the Media Association of Bhutan, explained that small countries in South Asia accept the Indian Rupee as legal tender, making it easier for tourists to visit India. However, Lamsang noted that demonetisation in 2016 by the Modi government had shaken people’s faith in the Indian Rupee. Despite this, people are returning to normal business and accepting the new ₹2000 notes. Lamsang believes that if India wants the Rupee to become a global reserve currency, it must keep these issues in mind.

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Here is the news bullets sorted by team.

– Bhutanese journalist expresses opinion on Indian rupee
– Indian rupee is like a dollar for South Asian countries
– Small countries of South Asia accept Indian rupee as legal tender
– Facilitates tourists visiting India from these countries
– Demonetisation in 2016 dealt blow to this system
– People’s confidence in Indian currency shaken
– People returning to normal business, accepting Rs 2000 notes
– If India wants rupee to become global reserve currency, it must consider these things
– Central Bank of Bhutan does not provide facility to change 2000 rupee note
– RBI has stopped from doing so
– 100 rupee notes can be changed in any quantity
– Notes of Rs 200 and Rs 500 can be changed in limited quantities

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