The Bombay High Court recently struck down a circular created by Maharashtra’s transport commissioner. This circular added extra rules that people had to follow if they wanted to register their vehicles under the BH series. The Court decided the circular was illegal.

What’s the BH series?

The Indian Government introduced the BH series of vehicle registration in 2021. Here’s why it matters:

  • Easy Transfers: If you own a vehicle with a BH series registration, it’s much simpler to transfer it between different states and union territories.
  • Who it’s for: The BH series is mainly designed for people whose jobs require them to move around a lot, like government employees or those working for companies with offices in multiple states.


The Problem with the Circular

The extra rules imposed by the Maharashtra transport commissioner’s circular made it harder for people to get BH series registration. The circular required government employees to provide proof that they actually worked in multiple states throughout their career.

The Court’s Ruling

  • Circular was illegal: The Bombay High Court ruled that the Maharashtra transport commissioner didn’t have the authority to create these extra rules.
  • Central Government rules matter most: The court said that only the rules created by the Indian central government apply to BH series registration. States cannot add their own.
  • Victory for vehicle owner: The court ordered the authorities to grant BH series registration to a civil judge (who had started the court case) within a week.


Why this matters

This decision by the Bombay High Court makes it clear that states can’t make it harder for people to get BH series registration. The BH series is meant to simplify things, and this ruling helps ensure it stays that way.

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