Petrol pumps can be a place where you can easily get cheated if you’re not careful. From tricks like tampering with the density meter to the jump trick, fraudsters find various ways to deceive customers and steal their hard-earned money. It is important to be aware of these tactics to avoid becoming a victim.

One common trick is to show the customer a zero reading on the meter before filling the fuel. However, even though it appears that the meter is reset to zero, it can still be manipulated to cheat the customer. Therefore, it is crucial to keep an eye on the meter display throughout the filling process.

Another important aspect to watch out for is the density meter. This meter displays the quality and purity of the fuel being pumped into your vehicle. By paying attention to the density reading, you can ensure that you are not receiving adulterated fuel.

Fraud at petrol pumps can also occur through the jump trick. This involves manipulating the meter to skip numbers and show a sudden increase in the amount being charged. Customers should be aware that the meter should increase in a phased manner according to the price per liter.

In addition to these tricks, customers should also be cautious about the nozzle used to dispense fuel. If the nozzle is manual instead of auto cut, the employee can stop it midway and reduce the pressure, resulting in lesser quantity of fuel being pumped. Any such irregularities should be reported to the toll-free number provided to take necessary action against the petrol pump.

News Summary:

★Petrol pump fraud involves tricks like tampering with the density meter and the jump trick.
★Customers should not be satisfied with seeing zero on the meter as it can still be manipulated.
★The density meter reflects the purity of the fuel and should be monitored.
★Fraud can occur through the jump trick where the meter skips numbers.
★Customers should also be cautious about the nozzle used to dispense fuel.

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