New Delhi to Deploy Army Helicopters for G-20 Summit Security

New Delhi ★In preparation for the upcoming G-20 summit, the skies of the capital will be patrolled by army helicopters starting from Thursday. This measure is being taken to ensure the security of the high-profile event.

As part of the security measures, eight helicopters equipped with state-of-the-art weapons will be deployed. These helicopters will carry commandos from the Army and NSG (National Security Guard) to provide security at the summit venue. Additionally, around four helicopters will be engaged in continuous aerial surveillance of the rest of the capital.

The commandos aboard the helicopters have been given the authority to destroy any suspicious object or deal with emergency situations. Their primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and rescue of VIPs in case of any untoward incidents.

In order to further enhance security, the windows of the rooms where foreign heads of state will be staying have been upgraded with bulletproof glass. Moreover, NSG and Army snipers have been deployed on high-rise buildings to provide additional cover.

Ban on Paragliders and More

Prior to the start of the conference, the Delhi Police has imposed a ban on the flight of paragliders, hang-gliders, and hot air balloons in the capital. This ban will be in effect from 29 August to 12 September, citing security reasons. The authorities are also utilizing artificial intelligence modules to ensure fool-proof security.


  • New Delhi will deploy army helicopters to patrol the skies during the G-20 summit, ensuring enhanced security.
  • Eight helicopters with commandos from the Army and NSG will be stationed at the summit venue, while four helicopters will conduct aerial surveillance across the capital.
  • The commandos have been authorized to destroy suspicious objects and rescue VIPs in emergency situations.
  • Windows of rooms for foreign heads of state have been upgraded with bulletproof glass, and snipers have been deployed on high-rise buildings.
  • The Delhi Police has banned paragliders, hang-gliders, and hot air balloons in the capital from 29 August to 12 September.
  • Artificial intelligence modules are being utilized to enhance security measures.

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