Apple’s Electric Vehicle Release Date Revealed: 2028

Apple’s highly anticipated electric vehicle, codenamed Titan, has resurfaced in discussions as its new release date has been revealed to be in 2028. The project was initiated in 2015, but faced numerous challenges along the way.

Work on Fully Autonomous Vehicle Shifts Towards Realism

Initially, Apple was working on a fully autonomous vehicle that would not even include a steering wheel. However, recent reports from Bloomberg suggest that the company is now aiming to make its vision more realistic.

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Kevin Lynch Takes Charge of Project Titan

Kevin Lynch, Apple’s Vice President, has been leading Project Titan since 2021. The project’s guidelines have undergone a slight change, shifting away from a fully autonomous car and focusing on launching a vehicle with limited self-driving features, similar to other electric vehicles.

Tesla’s Level 2+ System for Apple Car

In response to the change in direction, Apple is now preparing a Level 2+ system for its electric vehicle. This system will require a driver to be present in the car, ready to take control when necessary, similar to Tesla’s Autopilot system.

Board Pressure on CEO Tim Cook

Bloomberg reports indicate that Apple’s board members have put pressure on CEO Tim Cook to provide a solid plan for Project Titan. Despite the project not having presented any visible prototypes yet, the board is seeking a strong and clear direction for the venture.


    • Apple’s electric vehicle, codenamed Titan, is set to be released in 2028.


    • The company initially aimed for a fully autonomous vehicle, but has shifted towards a more realistic approach.


    • Kevin Lynch is leading Project Titan, with a focus on launching a car with limited self-driving features.


    • Apple is preparing a Level 2+ system for the vehicle, requiring a driver to be present.


    • The board has pressured CEO Tim Cook for a strong plan despite the lack of visible prototypes.


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