Exciting news for travelers in Eastern India. A brand new Vande Bharat train service is set to launch between Bhagalpur and Howrah, offering a faster, more comfortable , and convenient way to travel between these two important cities.


  • Route and Stops: The train will cover a distance of approximately 439.57kilometers, making stops at key stations like Sahibganj, Barharwa, Azimganj, Katwa, and Naudibdham.


  • Days of Operation: The train will operate six days a week, with no service on Wednesdays and Tuesdays.


  • Seating Arrangements: The Vande Bharat service will exclusively feature chair car coaches, ensuring a comfortable day trip without the need for sleeper accommodations.


  • Travel Time: The journey will take approximately seven hours and thirty minutes, making it the fastest way to cover this distance.


  • Bhagalpur to Howrah: Departs at 6:15 AM, arrives at 2:25 PM.
  • Howrah to Bhagalpur: Departs at 1:3 0 PM, arrives at 9:55 PM.


The official launch date will be announced once the Lok Sabha elections are concluded and a new government is formed.This will allow time for the necessary administrative and logistical arrangements to be finalized.


This route will also run alongside the Sahibganj-Bhagalpur-Jamalpur-Kiul train section, providing additional connectivity options.

The operation is a collaborative effort, utilizing resources and infrastructure improvements from different Indian railway zones.

Stations along the Malda rail division, which comprises a portion of this new route, are undergoing significant renovations to enhance aesthetics and improve passenger amenities.

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