A freight train in Delhi faced a derailment incident on Saturday, with eight of its carriages veering off the tracks in the Nagar-Dayabasti section near the Jakhira Flyover. Immediate response teams from the railway and fire brigade were dispatched to the site following the accident report.

Rescue and relief operations were swiftly initiated. The freight train was loaded with rolls of steel sheets. Thankfully, there have been no reported casualties from the incident, which occurred around 11:52 AM.

Previous Incidents of Train Derailments in Delhi

This is not the first time a freight train has derailed in Delhi. On October 6, 2023, a similar incident occurred, which, while not leading to a major accident, significantly disrupted train services for an extended period. Railway officials promptly arrived at the scene, and adjustments were made to the schedules of several trains. An inquiry committee was also formed to investigate the accident.

Additionally, prior incidents in the vicinity of Delhi, including Ghaziabad, have been reported. In September 2023, a freight train derailed while transitioning from a railway station yard to the mainline towards Gajraula. This incident caused delays for more than 15 trains and necessitated the diversion of several others. It took about three hours of effort to re-rail the derailed carriages and resume operations.

Furthermore, on June 27, 2023, an EMU train derailed, marking another event in a series of railway mishaps affecting the region.

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