The demolition work of the 18-story D Tower in Chintels Paradiso Society, located in Sector-109, Gurugram, commenced on Thursday morning, marking a significant development in the aftermath of the Chintels Society incident. The undertaking is a critical step towards ensuring the safety and structural integrity of the residential area.

Overview of the Demolition Process:

  • Initial Phase: The operation started with the dismantling of the interior walls, windows, doors, and internal décor items on the 18th floor, meticulously removing all materials from the topmost level.


  • Comprehensive Clearance: Over the next week, the focus will be on clearing out all belongings from the 64 flats within the tower, ensuring that every item is safely removed before the structural demolition progresses.


  • Considerate Approach: To minimize inconvenience to residents living in the society’s three other towers, the demolition is being conducted using machines and hammers, not explosives. This method reflects a cautious approach, prioritizing the safety and comfort of the residents and the structural stability of the surrounding buildings.


  • Advanced Machinery: The demolition is being carried out with machinery akin to a Hydra, capable of dismantling the concrete structure from a significant height of approximately 50 meters, ensuring efficiency and safety in the process.


  • Future Plans: Following the D Tower, there are plans to demolish additional towers labeled E, F, G, H, and J, with the builder asserting that all six unsafe towers will be razed within the next six months, showcasing a commitment to rectify the structural vulnerabilities promptly.


Implications and Future Prospects:

The demolition of the D Tower is a pivotal moment for the Chintels Paradiso Society, symbolizing a move towards restoration and safety in the wake of concerns regarding the building’s stability. The meticulous and careful approach adopted by the demolition team underscores the emphasis on ensuring the well-being of the residents while addressing the urgent need to dismantle the precarious structures.

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