In a significant development for Greater Noida’s public transport system, the Uttar Pradesh government has approved the extension of the metro corridor from Sector-51, Noida, to Bodaki, passing through Junpat. This extension adds approximately 2.6 kilometers of elevated track to the existing route, incorporating two new stations and promising to revolutionize the daily commute for thousands.

Key Highlights of the Metro Extension:

  • New Stations: The extension includes the addition of two new stations, Junpat and Bodaki, enhancing the accessibility of the metro service to more areas.
  • Project Approval: The state cabinet has green-lighted the metro expansion, recognizing the critical need for improved transport facilities in the region.


  • Multi-Modal Transport Hub: The expansion is part of a larger vision to develop a multi-modal transport hub in Bodaki, intending to integrate rail, metro, inter-state bus services, and local transport.


  • Current Metro Service: Presently, the Aqua Line metro operates from Sector-51 in Noida to the Jaitpur Depot in Greater Noida. The extension aims to further this route to Bodaki.


  • Budget Allocations: The expansion had been in limbo due to budget constraints, but with the government’s approval, the DPR (Detailed Project Report) is set to be implemented with a budget proposal of 416.34 crores INR.


Improved Connectivity: The extension is expected to bolster connectivity, particularly benefiting commuters from Dadri, Greater Noida, and Noida, facilitating direct travel routes to Delhi.

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