Just before the Lok Sabha election results, the common man faces a setback as the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), which sells milk products under the Amul brand, has announced a price hike. Amul milk will now be more expensive, with prices increased by ₹2 per liter.

New Prices for Amul Milk Products

According to the revised pricing:

  • Amul Gold:
    • 500 ml packet price increased from ₹32 to ₹33.
    • New price per liter: ₹66, up from ₹64.


  • Amul Shakti:
    • New price per liter: ₹62, up from ₹60.
  • Amul Tea Special:
    • New price per liter: ₹64, up from ₹62.

Additionally, the price of yogurt has also been increased.


Detailed Price List

  • Amul Gold (500 ml): Now ₹33, previously ₹32.
  • Amul Shakti: ₹30 per pack.
  • Amul Taza: ₹27 per pack.
  • Amul Milk: Increased from ₹64 per liter to ₹66 per liter.

This price hike comes after 14 months of stable pricing.

Impact on the Common Man

The increase in milk prices by Amul, announced just before the election results, is set to affect the common man significantly. The higher prices for Amul Gold, Amul Shakti, and Amul Tea Special will directly impact household budgets.

GCMMF Announcement

GCMMF has officially announced the price hike, indicating that the prices for Amul Gold, Amul Taza, and Amul Shakti milk products have been increased. This decision will have a direct impact on consumers, adding to their financial burden.

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