In a significant update from Amazon India, sellers operating on the e-commerce platform will face a change in the fee structure starting from April 7th next month.

This adjustment is in response to the prevailing inflation, interest rates, and to align with the fee structures commonly observed in the industry. The revision will include various charges such as referral fees, closing fees, and weight handling fees among others.

Key Changes and Their Impact

1. Fee Adjustments for Sellers: Amazon India announced that it’s modifying its seller fee structure to cope with economic factors like inflation and industry-standard fee trends. Categories such as scientific supplies, chimneys, laptop bags, and tires will see an increase in referral fees.

Additionally, a rise of three rupees in closing fees for items with an average sale price over 1,000 rupees and an increment of two rupees in weight handling fees due to transportation cost inflation have been introduced.


2. Relief in Certain Categories: In a move to balance the fee adjustments, Amazon will reduce referral fees in categories like apparel, bed sheets, cushion covers, and kitchenware. This decision is a part of Amazon’s effort to consider various broad economic factors including inflation rates and operational costs while staying aligned with industry fee trends.


3. Seller and Consumer Perspective: A seller, preferring anonymity, voiced concerns that these changes would directly affect product prices, leading to consumers paying more for products purchased through the e-commerce platform. This highlights the broader impact of fee adjustments on the online shopping experience.


4. Amazon’s Statement: A spokesperson from Amazon India expressed that the revised seller fees and incentives are aimed at maintaining a robust marketplace that supports the growth of small and medium businesses into strong national brands. This initiative is part of Amazon’s commitment to making ‘’ one of the preferred marketplaces for sellers in India.


What This Means for the Market

These changes signal Amazon India’s effort to adapt to the evolving economic landscape while fostering a supportive environment for sellers. For consumers, while this may mean an adjustment in product prices, it also indicates a structured approach by Amazon to ensure a diverse and competitive marketplace.

Sellers are encouraged to review the new fee structure and adjust their pricing strategies accordingly to maintain or enhance their competitiveness in the marketplace.

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