The Renault Kwid, a popular model in the Indian market, extends its global footprint as an all-electric vehicle, known as the Dacia Spring in Europe. This model stands out as Europe’s most affordable electric vehicle (EV) and is set to launch in the UK with an updated version, boasting significant enhancements in design and features.


Key Highlights:

  • European Success: Launched in 2021, the Dacia Spring has played a pivotal role in boosting Dacia’s sales, marking a 6.8% increase year-on-year and establishing itself as a market leader in affordability.


  • Insights into EV Usage: Data from the Spring’s connected services reveal that the EV is perfectly suited to European urban driving conditions, with average daily commutes of less than 32km at speeds of 26kmph. The majority of users charge their vehicles at home, typically for about 3.5 hours.


  • UK Market Potential: The Dacia Spring is aimed at filling the gap in the UK’s EV market for an economical, small-scale electric vehicle, promising to make electric mobility more accessible without compromising on cost-effectiveness.


Upcoming Launch Details:

  • Launch Timeline: The all-new Dacia Spring is scheduled for a detailed unveiling in 2024, where its pricing and specifications will be disclosed.
  • Strategic Market Entry: With its introduction in the UK, the Dacia Spring is poised to cater to a growing demand for affordable electric vehicles, aligning with the market’s shift towards sustainable and cost-effective transportation solutions.


The Renault Kwid’s electric counterpart is a testament to the automotive industry’s evolving landscape, embracing electric mobility while maintaining affordability. As it gears up for its UK debut, the Dacia Spring is anticipated to resonate well with consumers seeking an eco-friendly vehicle that aligns with urban commuting patterns and supports the transition to greener transportation.

The forthcoming launch in 2024 is eagerly awaited, promising to unveil a vehicle that could potentially set new benchmarks in the affordable EV segment.

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