A 26-year-old woman named Premshree was arrested for allegedly killing her husband, Satyaveer Singh, by setting him on fire. Premshree, who was unhappy with her husband’s looks and dark complexion, had been asking for a divorce. However, despite their constant conflicts, the couple had a daughter in November 2018.

The incident took place on April 15, 2019, when Satyaveer was sleeping at home. Premshree allegedly doused him with petrol and set him on fire. Satyaveer was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries. Satyaveer’s brother filed a murder case against Premshree, leading to her arrest.

During the court proceedings, Satyaveer’s dying declaration was presented as evidence. In his statement to the police, he named his wife as his murderer. Satyaveer explained that he had taken Premshree to her parental house the day before the incident and returned home that same night. The following morning, while he was sleeping, Premshree set him on fire.

In her defense, Premshree claimed that she had actually tried to save her husband and had suffered burn injuries in the process. However, the court ruled against her and confirmed Satyaveer’s dying declaration.

This case highlights the tragic consequences of marital conflicts and the importance of open communication and understanding within a relationship. It also raises awareness about the serious issue of domestic violence and the need for support and intervention for victims.

The accused, Premshree, now awaits further legal proceedings and faces charges under IPC Section 302 for murder.

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