In a significant development concerning urban safety and residential welfare, the Chintels Paradiso Society located in Sector-109, Gurugram, is set to witness the demolition of five of its towers deemed unsafe. The towers D, E, F, G, and H have been scheduled for demolition by the end of this month, marking a crucial step in addressing structural safety concerns. A company has been selected to undertake this demolition task, following a declaration of these towers as unsafe by IIT Delhi.


Key Developments:

  • Unsafe Towers: IIT Delhi has declared Towers D, E, F, G, and H of the Chintels Paradiso Society as unsafe. This decision prompts immediate action to prevent potential hazards.


  • Demolition Plans: The process to demolish these towers will commence by the end of the current month, with a specific company already chosen for this purpose.


  • Resident Claims Settled: Out of the approximately 140 flats across these five towers, claims of 140 flat owners have already been settled. A committee meeting has been called today to address the remaining claims.


  • Technical Supervision Requested: The builder’s management has written to the Deputy Commissioner requesting the formation of a committee of technical branch officers to oversee the demolition process, ensuring it is conducted safely and efficiently.



The Chintels Paradiso Society incident dates back two years, with a tragic accident occurring on February 10, 2022, when several flats’ roofs in Tower D collapsed, resulting in the deaths of two women. This event has since been a point of contention and concern among the residents and the broader community, highlighting the importance of building safety and regulatory compliance.



Community Response:

Residents and the Resident Welfare Association (RWA) President, Rakesh Hudda, expressed their ongoing quest for justice and trust in the district administration to deliver rightful outcomes. As the two-year anniversary of the accident approaches, the community remains hopeful for resolution and the assurance of their safety.

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