The banking sector in India has been closely monitored by investors and analysts for potential growth and investment opportunities. As of September 26, 2023, several leading banks have shown significant upside potential, making them attractive options for investors. Let’s take a closer look at the mean target prices, current stock prices, and the percentage difference, along with the analyst count for some prominent banks.

HDFC Bank Ltd

  • Mean Target Price: ₹1,980.00
  • Close Price: ₹1,537.65
  • Target vs. Current(%): 28.80
  • Analyst Count: 40

HDFC Bank Ltd is showing an impressive 28.80% upside potential compared to its current stock price, making it a favorable choice among investors. With 40 analysts closely monitoring its performance, HDFC Bank continues to be a key player in the Indian banking industry.

ICICI Bank Ltd

  • Mean Target Price: ₹1,180.00
  • Close Price: ₹948.70
  • Target vs. Current(%): 24.40
  • Analyst Count: 41

ICICI Bank Ltd is another bank that exhibits substantial potential with a 24.40% difference between its mean target price and the current stock price. With 41 analysts providing insights, ICICI Bank remains a promising candidate in the banking sector.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd

  • Mean Target Price: ₹2,160.00
  • Close Price: ₹1,764.10
  • Target vs. Current(%): 22.40
  • Analyst Count: 38

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd boasts an impressive 22.40% upside potential, according to analysts’ mean target price. With 38 analysts closely tracking its performance, Kotak Mahindra Bank is positioned as a strong contender for investment.

Equitas Small Finance Bank Ltd

  • Mean Target Price: ₹105.00
  • Close Price: ₹87.25
  • Target vs. Current(%): 20.30
  • Analyst Count: 17

Even smaller banks like Equitas Small Finance Bank Ltd are not to be overlooked, with a 20.30% upside potential as per the mean target price. Seventeen analysts are diligently monitoring its performance, making it an interesting option for investors seeking growth opportunities.

Investors and stakeholders in the banking sector are advised to keep a close eye on these banks, as they exhibit notable upside potential, which may translate into favorable returns in the coming months.

Important Information Table:

Bank Name Mean Target Price (₹) Close Price (₹) Target vs. Current (%) Analyst Count
HDFC Bank Ltd 1,980.00 1,537.65 28.80 40
ICICI Bank Ltd 1,180.00 948.70 24.40 41
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd 2,160.00 1,764.10 22.40 38
Equitas Small Finance Bank Ltd 105.00 87.25 20.30 17

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