In recent times, the demand for larger vehicles that can accommodate more passengers has surged. While many opt for 8-seater vehicles, shelling out anywhere between 15 to 25 lakh rupees, there’s a more economical and spacious option available in the market.

A Mini-Bus Experience at a Fraction of the Cost

Force Traveller 3350 Super is not just a vehicle; it offers an experience akin to a mini-bus. With a seating capacity for 13 people, it’s perfect for large families or groups. Powered by a 2596 cc engine with four cylinders, this vehicle promises a mileage of 13 kilometers per liter, which is impressive considering its size and the diesel fuel type.


More Than Just a Personal Vehicle

Apart from personal use, the Force Traveller 3350 Super can also be employed for commercial purposes. By hiring a driver, owners can use it for passenger transport, providing an additional source of income. Its spacious design, combined with efficient air conditioning, ensures a comfortable ride for all passengers.

Pricing and Variants

The Force Traveller 3350 Super is available in configurations of 12, 13, and 14 seats. Its price ranges from a mere 11 lakh rupees to 14 lakh rupees, making it an affordable choice for those seeking a spacious vehicle.

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Important Information Table:

Feature Details
Engine Capacity 2596 cc
Seating Capacity Up to 13 seats
Fuel Type Diesel
Mileage 13 km/l
Price Range 11 lakh to 14 lakh rupees
Additional Features Efficient air conditioning


  1. How many people can the Force Traveller 3350 Super accommodate?
    • It can accommodate up to 13 people.
  2. What is the fuel type for this vehicle?
    • The vehicle runs on diesel.
  3. Is the Force Traveller 3350 Super suitable for commercial use?
    • Yes, it can be used for passenger transport for additional income.
  4. What is the starting price of the Force Traveller 3350 Super?
    • The starting price is 11 lakh rupees

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