The Yamaha RX100, a motorcycle that holds a special place in the hearts of many Indian riders, has been the subject of recent rumors regarding a potential re-launch. However, these rumors have been officially debunked by Yamaha Motor India.

Why the RX100 Won’t Be Returning:

Yamaha has clarified that there are no plans to revive the RX100 in its original form. The iconic two-stroke engine that powered the bike does not meet current emission standards, making it impossible to produce and sell a new RX100 that complies with regulations.

The End of an Era:

The Yamaha RX100 was discontinued in 1996 due to tightening emission norms. Its lightweight design, peppy performance, and distinctive exhaust note made it a favorite among enthusiasts and everyday commuters alike. Even today, well-maintained RX100s command a premium in the used bike market, a testament to their enduring popularity.

What Yamaha Offers Instead:

While the original RX100 won’t be making a comeback, Yamaha does offer several modern motorcycles that cater to various segments:

  • Street Bikes: The FZ series and MT series offer sporty performance and modern styling.
  • Commuter Bikes: The Saluto and Fascino are popular choices for daily commuting.
  • Performance Bikes: The R15 and YZF-R3 cater to enthusiasts who crave adrenaline-pumping rides.


The Legacy of the RX100:

The Yamaha RX100 remains an icon in the Indian motorcycle landscape. Its legacy lives on in the hearts of countless riders who cherish the memories of their two-stroke adventures. While a new RX100 may not be on the horizon, the spirit of this legendary motorcycle continues to inspire riders across the country.

For those who still hold a fondness for the RX100, well-maintained used models are still available, offering a glimpse into the golden era of Indian motorcycling.

Additional Details:

  • Production Years: 1985-1996
  • Engine: 98cc, two-stroke, air-cooled
  • Power: 11 horsepower
  • Torque: 10.39 Nm
  • Top Speed: Around 100 km/h
  • Features: Simple design, lightweight, nimble handling


We hope this clears the air about the Yamaha RX100. While its return may be a disappointment for some, Yamaha continues to offer exciting options for riders of all levels.

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