Yamaha, the renowned motorcycle manufacturer, is gearing up to relaunch its iconic bike, the RX 100, in the market. This legendary bike is set to make a comeback with a killer look and a powerful engine, making it an exciting prospect for motorcycle enthusiasts.

The company has planned to bring back this popular bike in a new avatar that will be designed to appeal to the Indian two-wheeler market. The new Yamaha RX 100 will feature alloy wheels, enhancing its overall appeal and performance.

In addition to the relaunch of the RX 100, Yamaha is also working on some new products that are expected to hit the market in 2025 or 2026. This shows the company’s commitment to bringing innovative and high-quality motorcycles to its customers.

The Yamaha RX 100 was first introduced in the market back in the 1990s and quickly gained popularity among riders. Its sleek design, reliability, and powerful performance made it a favorite choice for many. With the relaunch, Yamaha aims to capture the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts once again.

The new version of the RX 100 is expected to be launched in the budget segment of the Indian market, making it accessible to a wide range of riders. Yamaha understands the importance of offering value for money and aims to deliver a bike that meets the expectations of its customers.

Apart from a killer look, the new Yamaha RX 100 will also feature new colors and design options, allowing riders to customize their bikes according to their preferences. Yamaha has always been known for its attention to detail and high-quality features, and the new RX 100 is expected to be no exception.

Safety is also a top priority for Yamaha, and the new RX 100 is rumored to come with advanced safety features such as an anti-lock braking system and disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. This will ensure optimal control and braking performance, enhancing rider safety on the road.

In terms of suspension, the new RX 100 will come equipped with telescopic forks at the front and twin shock absorbers at the rear. This will provide a comfortable and smooth ride, absorbing any bumps or irregularities on the road.

When it comes to design, Yamaha plans to retain the classic look of the old RX 100 model. The bike will feature a fuel tank with a tire drop design, a flat-type seat, large handlebars, round headlights, chrome fender, up-swept exhaust system, and a semi-digital instrument cluster. These design elements will give the bike a timeless appeal, reminiscent of its iconic predecessor.

While the powertrain details of the new Yamaha RX 100 are still under wraps, it is expected to be equipped with a modern 150cc engine, similar to the FZ or R range of motorcycles available in India. This will ensure a powerful and thrilling riding experience, with a rumored top speed of 110 km/h and a fuel efficiency of 45 km/l.

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