Recently the prices of natural gas were cut. This brought down the prices of both CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and PNG (Pipeped Natural Gas). The price of 1 SCM (Standard Cubic Meter) PNG in Delhi is Rs.48.59. 1 Kg LPG is equal to 1.164 SCM. This means that you will get fuel equivalent to 14.2 kg of LPG from 16.52 SCM of PNG.

On this basis, if both prices are compared, PNG goes far ahead in terms of giving benefits. A 14.2 kg LPG cylinder is currently Rs 1,103 in Delhi. You will get the same fuel from PNG for around Rs.803 only. If a gas cylinder runs in your house for a month, you will save Rs 300 on gas every month.

Less danger

A pressure of about 4200 millibars is applied to suppress the gas filled in the LPG cylinder. On PNG, it is only 21 bar which is 200 times less than that. This is important because it will not explode like a gas cylinder due to pressure. Natural gas is very light. If it leaks, it immediately dissolves in the air and ends. This does not happen with LPG. It is a heavy gas, and in the event of leakage, it accumulates around it, increasing the possibility of getting ahead. The chances of leakage of PNG gas are very low because their pipes have safety valves and pressure regulators.

Uninterrupted Supply

Rain, sunshine, and wind do not make any difference to the supply of cooking gas to your home. It keeps coming to your home through pipes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You don’t even have to worry about running out of gas. Just recharge, and the supply gets switched on uninterrupted. Just like an electricity meter is installed, similarly, PNG meter is also installed. Therefore, the possibility of fraud is also very less. This gas is better for the environment than other gases. Very few toxic substances go into the air due to their burning.