Usually, in today’s time, if you go to buy a good motorcycle, its price is at least above 1.5 lakh rupees. And if the price of the motorcycle is 1.5 lakh, then after buying and registering it, its price reaches at least 1.8 lakh rupees. A maximum of 2 people can ride on a motorcycle.

Even after spending so much money, you can only have a maximum of two people on a motorcycle, and before going long distances, you also have to think about convenience.

A splendid car has come into the second-hand car market.

The Maruti WagonR has been known as a family car for a long time. Now you can buy the Maruti WagonR 2009 model, which has traveled only 31,000 kilometers, for only 1.62 lakh rupees. The biggest feature is that after buying this car, you do not have to make any additional payment for registration and road tax.

Speaking of the car, you can get this car in monthly installments. If you make a one-time payment of ₹50,000, then you can take this car with a loan of ₹1.12 lakh for 3 years at an EMI of only ₹2,999. You can buy this on Cars24 Website in NCR Region.

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