DelhiDesk: Visitors at the International Museum Expo in Pragati Maidan are getting acquainted with the history, havelis, culture, and heritage of Old Delhi through photographs and displays. The expo showcases the importance of famous landmarks, such as Mirza Ghalib’s Haveli and Sita Ram Bazar, and offers a glimpse into the daily routine of the people living in Old Delhi. The expo also features the aroma of Old Delhi’s food and equipment such as gramophones, betel donations, and furniture from old mansions. The stall aims to show the changing havelis from the 19th century to 2016.

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– Visitors getting acquainted with the history of Old Delhi at the expo
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– The International Museum Expo at Pragati Maidan is showcasing the historicity, havelis, culture, and history of Old Delhi
– The 150-year-old havelis located in Old Delhi are enthralling the visitors with their history and heritage
– Photographs are being used to showcase how Old Delhi has preserved its historicity and heritage in the era of modernity
– The importance of famous poet Mirza Ghalib’s Haveli to Sita Ram Bazar, Neel Katra, and Gali Cooch has been shown
– The aroma of food of Old Delhi is also attracting people towards it
– Equipment like gramophones, betel donations, and furniture kept in old mansions are also on display
– The changing havelis from the 19th century till 2016 are showcased in the expo