Following instructions from CM Yogi Adityanath, the Uttar Pradesh police have initiated stringent actions against the unauthorized use of sirens and lights on vehicles.

Banda police are conducting inspection campaigns at various intersections and areas in the city and district. SHO Anoop Dubey reported that hundreds of vehicles have been penalized, and fines have been imposed for non-compliance.

Chief Minister’s Directives

During a recent meeting with officials, CM Yogi Adityanath reviewed law and order and directed strict action against vehicles using unauthorized sirens and lights.

The police are actively removing these devices and imposing penalties on violators. This initiative aims to curb the VIP culture and ensure compliance with the law.

Detailed Actions Taken

Banda police have been actively working under the leadership of SP Ankur Agarwal, conducting inspections on main roads and intersections.

Vehicles found with unauthorized sirens, lights, and tinted windows are being fined and ordered to remove these modifications. The police are ensuring that both government and private vehicles comply with the regulations.

Compliance and Penalties

Those found violating the rules face penalties and the possibility of their vehicles being seized. The police aim to ensure road safety and uphold the law by preventing the misuse of sirens and lights, which often disrupt public order and create unnecessary noise pollution.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strict enforcement against unauthorized sirens and lights on vehicles.
  • Extensive checks being conducted in Banda under SP Ankur Agarwal’s leadership.
  • Vehicles found non-compliant are fined and modifications are removed.
  • Initiative aims to curb the VIP culture and ensure law compliance.


Important Information

Measure Details
Chief Minister’s Directive Strict action against unauthorized sirens and lights.
Police Action Fines and removal of unauthorized modifications.
Area of Operation Various intersections and main roads in Banda.
Compliance Requirement Both government and private vehicles.


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