Traffic Police Rights: To maintain the traffic system in the country, traffic rules have to be followed. The traffic police give directions to the drivers and collect fines for violating traffic rules.

Violation by Traffic Police: There are instances where even the traffic police knowingly or unknowingly break traffic rules. Drivers, on the other hand, often suffer due to a lack of information about these violations. For example, the traffic police sometimes take away the keys of a bike or car. It is important to know whether this is right or wrong according to the law.

Understanding the Law: According to the Motor Vehicles Act 1932, no traffic policeman can forcefully take away the keys of a vehicle. If any traffic police do this, they can be reminded of the Motor Vehicles Act 1932.

Rule Regarding Documents: As per section 130 of the Motor Vehicles Act, if a police officer asks for your documents, you have to show them. However, if the officer asks to hand over the document, it is up to you whether you give it or not. If the officer takes away your document, it is a violation of the law.

Confiscation of License: In some cases, the police officer can confiscate your license, but they must provide a valid receipt after impounding it.

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