We Indians are known for our ability to save money and find innovative solutions to everyday problems. This is evident in a viral video that showcases a classic example of our resourcefulness. In the video, a man is seen sitting on the back of a bike with two trolley bags in his hands.

Unable to put the bags on the bike, he cleverly places them on the road and holds them by hand. As the bike moves, the wheels of the bags roll along effortlessly, allowing him to transport the bags with ease.

Brother’s Jugaad Goes Viral

The video, shared on the micro-blogging platform X by @RoadsOfMumbai, has garnered significant attention. It has received 394.5K views and numerous comments. Many viewers have praised the man’s ingenuity, with one person remarking that Indian jugaad (innovation) is always on top. Others have humorously compared the video to propaganda, highlighting the prevalence of such resourcefulness in our daily lives.


This viral video serves as a reminder of our ability to think outside the box and find creative solutions to everyday challenges. From saving money to avoiding hard work, we Indians have a reputation for our desi jugaad. It is this resourcefulness that sets us apart and makes us proud.

  • The video showcases a man’s innovative approach to transporting bags on a bike
  • The video has been widely shared on social media, receiving 394.5K views
  • Viewers have praised the man’s ingenuity and highlighted the prevalence of jugaad in Indian culture
  • This viral video serves as a reminder of our resourcefulness and ability to find creative solutions

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