The UAE government has rolled out a new mandatory guideline for expatriates working in the country, known as the International Laborers’ Occupational Equality (ILOE) scheme, effective from today. This initiative aims to ensure a balanced work environment for all.

Scheme Overview

The ILOE scheme is designed to create a level playing field in the occupational sphere for expatriates. It mandates equal pay for equal work, irrespective of the worker’s nationality. This is a significant step towards fostering a fair and inclusive work culture.


With the scheme now in effect, companies are required to adhere to the new pay equality guidelines. The government will monitor compliance through routine checks and audits. Non-compliant entities may face penalties, although the specifics of such penalties have not been disclosed.

Impact on Expatriates

The ILOE scheme is expected to positively impact the expatriate community, ensuring they receive fair compensation for their work. This move also reflects the UAE’s commitment to upholding international labor standards.


  1. What is the ILOE scheme?
    • The International Laborers’ Occupational Equality (ILOE) scheme is a new guideline mandating equal pay for equal work among expatriates in the UAE.
  2. When does the ILOE scheme take effect?
    • The scheme is effective from today.
  3. How will the scheme be enforced?
    • The government will enforce the scheme through routine checks and audits on companies.
  4. What are the penalties for non-compliance?
    • The specifics of the penalties for non-compliance have not been disclosed.

Important Information Table

Aspect Details
Scheme Name International Laborers’ Occupational Equality (ILOE)
Effective Date Today
Main Objective Equal pay for equal work among expatriates
Enforcement Routine checks and audits
Impact Positive impact on expatriate community; Fair compensation

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