Ghaziabad is gearing up for a significant development in its public transportation system. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to virtually inaugurate Section-2 of the Rapid Rail Transit System (RRTS) corridor on Wednesday morning. This event marks a pivotal moment in enhancing the regional connectivity within the National Capital Region (NCR), specifically between Sahibabad and Modinagar North.

Key Highlights:

  • Virtual Inauguration: The inauguration of the RRTS Corridor’s Section-2 will be conducted virtually by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with Central Minister VK Singh present at the Muradnagar station during the event.


  • Fare Structure: The fare for the standard and premium coaches has been decided. For a journey from Sahibabad to Modinagar North, the standard fare will be INR 90, while the premium fare will be INR 180.
  • Operational Details: Initially, the plan was to operate the Namo Bharat Train from Muradnagar to Meerut South station. However, due to incomplete construction at Meerut South station, the train will now operate up to Modinagar North station, covering this new 17-kilometer stretch.


  • Extended Service: Two days post-inauguration, the train will commence operations over the 34-kilometer long corridor, enhancing the connectivity and reducing travel time significantly in the region.

Additional Information:

The inauguration of this primary section aligns with the broader vision of expanding rapid transit facilities to improve urban mobility and foster economic growth. The section spans 17 kilometers and is a part of the extensive RRTS corridor aimed at providing efficient, reliable, and fast transportation services to the residents of NCR. The introduction of this service is expected to benefit daily commuters, reduce traffic congestion, and contribute to the region’s overall development.

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