TVS Motors has launched its powerful iQube electric scooter for just ₹95,999, packed with amazing features. Since its inception in 1978, TVS has become a leading brand in manufacturing motorcycles, scooters, and three-wheelers. In 2022, TVS made a grand entry into the electric scooter market with the iQube. Here’s everything you need to know about the TVS iQube 2024.


🚴‍♂️ TVS iQube 2024: Stunning Design

The TVS iQube 2024 electric scooter looks extremely attractive with its sleek and modern bodywork. It offers a premium look and is compact, making it easy to maneuver through heavy traffic. This electric scooter is available in various colors, adding to its appeal.


✨ TVS iQube 2024: Exciting Features

The TVS iQube 2024 is packed with features to enhance your riding experience:

  • Digital Instrument Cluster: It comes with a new digital instrument cluster featuring a low-speed battery level indicator, turn-by-turn navigation system, and a large 17.78-inch TFT screen.
  • Music and Call Control: The scooter also includes music control and incoming call notifications, making your rides more enjoyable.


⚡ TVS iQube 2024: Performance

The performance of the TVS iQube 2024 has been significantly upgraded:

  • Battery: It now features a 2.2 kW powerful battery, offering an impressive range of 80 kilometers on a single charge.
  • iQube ST Variant: The iQube ST variant comes with a 3.4 kW battery, providing a larger battery backup of 5.01 kW and a range of 100 kilometers. The top speed of this variant is 82 kilometers per hour.


💸 TVS iQube 2024: Affordable Price

If you are looking to buy this fantastic electric scooter, it comes at an attractive price of ₹94,000. The top variant is priced at around ₹1,50,000. With its excellent performance, stunning design, and advanced features, the TVS iQube 2024 is a reliable and affordable choice for anyone looking for an electric scooter.



🌟 Why Choose TVS iQube 2024?

  • Excellent Performance: Powerful battery options with impressive range.
  • Modern Features: Advanced digital instrument cluster, music control, and call notifications.
  • Affordable Pricing: Starting at just ₹94,000, offering great value for money.


The TVS iQube 2024 is an ideal choice for those seeking a stylish, efficient, and feature-packed electric scooter. Get ready to ride the future with TVS iQube 2024

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