The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has announced new guidelines to completely stop the frequent unwanted calls and SMS under the guise of commercial promotion. The ministry has sought public opinion on these guidelines until July 21. These guidelines have been prepared after consultations with telecom companies, regulators, and other stakeholders.

They will apply to all individuals and entities involved in commercial communication. Several strict provisions have been made in the draft. Any commercial call or message that does not have the recipient’s consent or does not comply with the prescribed standards will be considered unwanted and unsolicited. Identified violators will face action.

Key Points of the Guidelines

The primary aim of these guidelines is to eliminate unwanted calls and SMS and provide consumers with a secure and peaceful communication experience. The key provisions include:

  • Requirement for Consent:
    • Any commercial call or message will be considered valid only if the recipient has given explicit consent.
    • Transparent and clear procedures must be followed to obtain this consent.


  • Compliance with Standards:
    • All commercial communications must comply with the set standards.
    • Calls and SMS that violate these standards will be deemed unwanted and unsolicited.


  • Action Procedure:
    • Unwanted calls and SMS will be identified, and action will be taken against them.
    • There are provisions for strict fines and penalties for violators.


Consultation with Stakeholders

The guidelines have been prepared with extensive consultation with telecom companies, regulators, and other relevant stakeholders. This ensures that the guidelines cover all necessary aspects and can be implemented effectively.

Public Opinion

The ministry has urged the public to share their opinions and suggestions on these guidelines by July 21. This step aims to ensure public participation and enhance the effectiveness of the guidelines.

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