Chaos in Uttarkashi: Rockslide near Gangotri Highway Claims One Life and Injures Eight

In a sudden turn of events near the Gangotri Highway in Dubarani, a rockslide claimed one life and left eight others injured.

The rockslide trapped several people underneath the debris, prompting immediate action from NDRF and SDRF teams for rescue and relief efforts.

The incident also led to a fire breaking out in a nearby mountain, adding to the chaos and challenges faced by the rescue teams.

The authorities wasted no time in reaching the site and initiating rescue operations, with the injured individuals being rushed to Harshit Hospital for treatment.

Traffic Halted, Investigation Underway

As a precautionary measure, traffic has been halted in the area due to the falling rocks and the fire on the mountain. Authorities are investigating the causes of the rockslide and fire to prevent any further incidents in the future.

While rescue and relief operations are in full swing at the site, tourists in the vicinity have been advised to stay put to avoid any potential risks.

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