DelhiDesk: Malcha Mahal, a historical monument located in the Central Ridge area of Delhi, has recently opened as a tourist attraction named “Haunted House” and is attracting locals and foreign tourists alike. The palace, built in 1325 by Sultan Firoz Shah Tughlaq for his hunting grounds, has a spooky feel with dark interiors and is surrounded by thorny dense bushes. The Delhi Tourism Tourism Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) has declared it a haunted house due to the incidents that occurred there. The palace is accessible through a rough path and is home to jackals, monkeys, cats, cows, and bats.

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– Tourists arriving at Malcha Mahal 👉 Photo: Amar Ujala
– Malcha Mahal, a recently launched historical monument named Haunted House, has started attracting people.
– Not only the country, foreign tourists are also reaching in large numbers to see and hear the story of the haunted palace.
– There is a lot of enthusiasm among the youth who come to see the palace.
– To go to this palace located in Chanakyapuri, one has to go through a rough path.
– Jackals, monkeys, cats, cows and bats are shown all around and in the middle of the way.
– Through this path, this palace is in the middle of thorny dense bushes.
– This monument gives a ghostly feeling to the tourists from a distance.
– The darkness spread in it is frightening as soon as you go inside it.
– Sultan Firoz Shah Tughlaq built this palace in 1325 for his hunting grounds.
– Begum Vilayat Mahal, a woman who claimed to be a member of the royal family of the Nawab of Awadh, moved here with her family in 1985, after which the place came to be known as Vilayat Mahal.
– Delhi Tourism Tourism Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) has considered it as a haunted house due to the incidents that happened here.