Toll Tax: Is it applicable for bikes?

Traveling on highways in the country requires payment of toll tax. However, the government has now implemented the system of Fastag for this purpose. This not only prevents the situation of traffic congestion at toll plazas but also makes it easier to collect toll tax.

But now you may have a question in mind whether toll tax is only collected from four-wheeled or larger vehicles or if this rule also applies to bikes. In fact, there are several rules related to toll tax. In the absence of information, common people often have to face difficulties. So today, let us provide you with all the relevant information.

Is toll tax applicable for bikes?

No toll tax can be collected from you when traveling by bike. The reason for this is that a certain amount is already taken from you at the time of bike purchase, which remains valid until the registration of the bike expires. Therefore, there is no need for any type of fast tag in the bike and no need to pay toll while passing through toll plazas.

What are the rights of bike riders?

If toll tax is collected from you unlawfully, you can also appeal in the consumer forum with all the necessary documents. This is a kind of fraud because you have already paid the toll and if you are still charged, it falls under the category of offense. Any person can file a complaint with their self-esteem.


  • Toll tax is not applicable for bikes as a certain amount is already paid at the time of bike purchase.
  • If toll tax is collected unlawfully, bike riders can file a complaint in the consumer forum.

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