A shocking incident took place at the Chapar toll plaza on the Delhi-Dehradun highway, where toll booth workers brutally beat up a woman and children in a car. The workers were enraged because the car did not have a fast tag and the toll tax was not paid.

The situation quickly escalated, with allegations that one worker even pulled out a pistol on a child. The mother managed to shield the child and save their lives.

The victims, who were returning from a trip to Haridwar, have accused a family from Aligarh of looting jewellery as well. The police have taken the injured to the district hospital for treatment. The incident occurred on Wednesday night when Chetan Sharma, a resident of Aligarh, was returning from Haridwar with his family.

When they reached the toll plaza, their car did not have a fast tag. Sharma mentioned that they would pay through the phone, but before they could do so, a dozen toll booth workers attacked them with sticks, leaving everyone injured. The women and children were terrified and screamed for help.

Passengers also claim that one worker even threatened a child with a pistol and continued to assault them for nearly half an hour. Upon receiving information, the police took all the injured to the police station and later transferred them to the district hospital for medical treatment.

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