Exciting news for SUV enthusiasts! Renault’s sister brand, Dacia, is developing a new compact SUV that is set to succeed the Sandero Stepway in Europe.

Leveraging the immense popularity of the Duster, this new model is expected to debut in 2027 in the B-SUV segment, following the launch of the seven-seater Bigster, which is set to arrive as early as next year.


Key Highlights:

  • Launch Timeline: The compact SUV will debut in 2027, following the seven-seater Bigster.
  • SUV Stance: The new model will adopt a more authentic SUV stance while maintaining a compact size, aiming to compete better in the SUV market compared to the Sandero Stepway.


  • Size and Design: With a length of around 4,150 mm, it will be about 200 mm shorter than the Duster, offering increased interior room due to its taller design for enhanced practicality.
  • Interior Features: The SUV will emphasize practicality, featuring Dacia’s YouClip mounting system for easy aftermarket modifications.


Market Positioning:

Dacia plans to consolidate its SUV range to three models, which should help elevate its market share and appeal to a broader range of customers, including adventure seekers. The new compact SUV will compete against rivals with competitive pricing and shared components with other Dacia models to keep production costs low.


Platform and Powertrain:

  • CMF-B Platform: The new compact SUV will be underpinned by the familiar CMF-B platform found in the latest Duster, Sandero, and Sandero Stepway. This platform will also be used in the Bigster SUV launching next year.
  • Powertrain Options: We can expect the compact Duster to be offered in both ICE and hybrid versions, with the possibility of an all-electric variant in the future.


Adventurous Capabilities:

The new compact SUV will retain substantial ground clearance and plastic cladding on the exterior, ensuring it doesn’t sacrifice its adventurous capabilities despite the added interior space.


Future Prospects:

The debut of compact off-road 4×4 electric SUVs in Europe could prompt Dacia to consider an EV based on the upcoming baby Duster, although no official confirmation has been made yet.

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