The police have become very strict regarding the new traffic rules for modified bikes. Two-wheeler drivers who have made any modifications to their motorcycles or scooters are being fined. These new traffic rules apply to all types of modifications.

Conditions Leading to Heavy Fines:

There are three specific conditions of modification that can lead to heavy fines. Firstly, modifying the two-wheeler itself is considered illegal and can result in a fine. Secondly, using a modified silencer, especially the popular Royal Enfield Bullet silencers that produce loud noise or firecrackers, can also lead to a challan. Lastly, using a fancy number plate that deviates from the government’s guidelines is illegal and can result in a fine.

Guidelines for Number Plates:

The government has set specific guidelines for number plates. All digits on the number plate should be clearly visible and should not be written in a fancy way. It is important to use RTO certified number plates and avoid using sloppy words or fancy designs.

List of Challan Fines for Traffic Rule Violations:

★General traffic rule violation: Rs 500 fine
★Disobeying orders of traffic officers: Rs 2,000 fine
★Driving without a driving license: Rs 5,000 fine
★Over-speeding: Rs 1,000 fine
★Driving dangerously: Rs 5,000 fine
★Driving without insurance: Rs 2,000 fine

In conclusion, it is important for bike owners to be aware of the new traffic rules for modified bikes. Failure to comply with these rules can result in heavy fines and other penalties.

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