To curb unwanted calls and cyber fraud, the Department of Telecommunications has made changes to the guidelines for issuing bulk SIM cards. Here are the key points:

  • New Rules for Bulk SIM Issuance:
    • Previously, new bulk SIMs could be issued through retailers.
    • Now, only telecom companies are authorized to issue such connections.
    • This change aims to significantly reduce cyber fraud and unwanted calls.


  • Limit on SIM Card Issuance:
    • Telecom companies can now issue a maximum of 100 SIM cards at a time.
    • SIM cards will not be issued for machine-to-machine communication.


  • Address Verification Requirement:
    • Before issuing a new SIM, companies must physically verify the buyer’s address.
    • The telecom company must obtain an affidavit from the customer stating that the SIM cards will not be misused.


Identification of Fraudulent Connections

  • Suspicious Mobile Connections:
    • The Department of Telecommunications has identified approximately 680,000 mobile connections that are suspected to be fraudulent.
    • These connections were obtained using illegal, non-existent, or fake KYC documents.


  • Advanced AI Analysis:
    • The identification of these suspicious connections was done through advanced AI-driven analysis.
    • The department has marked these connections as potentially fraudulent.


New Mobile Number Series Issued

  • Collaboration with TRAI:
    • The Department of Telecommunications, in collaboration with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), has introduced a new mobile number series.


  • Number Series for Specific Purposes:
    • The 140 series will be used for promotional voice calling messages.
    • The 160 series will be used for financial transactions and service voice calls.


  • Implementation by Telecom Operators:
    • Telecom operators like Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone are expected to implement these new number series across the country in the coming days.



These new measures by the Department of Telecommunications aim to enhance security and reduce fraud in the telecom sector. By implementing stringent verification processes and introducing new mobile number series, the department seeks to protect consumers and ensure a safer telecommunication environment

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